February 14, 2019

Our guide to Valentine’s day

Come Valentine’s day, and the sight of Pink and Red Balloons, teddys and chocolates is enough to make even the hardest hearts melt. I remember growing up that every 14th Feb, we would receive this booklet in our house mail, really cutesy, cheesy hallmark type love notes, which was actually mailed to our entire neighbourhood. This man was so in love, that he wanted the whole world (or atleast our neighbourhood) to know it. Once, I think I even saw a slew of billboards with the same message. Even the shop vendors take advantage; red roses and chocolates are suddenly triple the price.

 Valentine’s day can be very cutesy, if you’re in a relationship.. but if you’re not, it’s just downright annoying and irritating. How about, instead of waiting for someone to celebrate us, we instead choose to celebrate ourselves this Valentines day. Sure, we might not buy ourselves billboards, but here are a few things that we can do

Make it a day about celebrating yourself

Wake up in the morning, and spend 5 minutes journaling about all the amazing things that you have in your life, and feeling grateful for them. Pen down atleast 5 things that you love about yourself, and allow yourself to soak in the awesomeness that you are!

Dress up

Today’s a day you’ve decided to celebrate your best self; so take the time and dress up. Pull out that special outfit, or shoe, that you’ve been saving, and wear it. Hair, makeup, perfume, the works.. After all, today you’ve got a date with the most important person in your life; yourself!



 Enjoy “Galentines Day!”


Lets face it, even in a relationship, there are things that we enjoy doing with our girlfriends. Take advantage of that, and plan a day doing all those things. This could include a spa trip, some shopping or window shopping, and maybe a chick flick. Enjoy the freedom to do whatever it is that you want!

Treat Yourself!
Don’t wait for someone to give you something you would like, something that makes you heart happy – go out and get it for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make you happy. Maybe even take yourself out for dinner, and order dessert to start (after all, who’s judging!), As you finish the day, take a moment to notice how empowered, self sufficient and strong you feel!

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Spread the love

Love comes in all forms. Take the time today to appreciate each special relationship in your life, from your family to your friends. Consider making a gesture to make each of them feel special, whether it’s a ‘just-thinking-about-you’ phone call, or even just a text telling that person that they are special in your life and you appreciate them. You’ll be surprised how great you feel after doing so!


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